we can’t show it to others, and when we try to describe it we change the memory of it
Heat treated DeLorean DMC-12 door, two framed reproductions of Charles Duke’s family portrait on the Moon photo, a panel from “Thesis Piece”, Pine, painters tape, Kikkerland double rainbow maker, ratchet strap, A-clamp, iridescent spandex, pink insulation foam, map of Utah previously submerged in The Great Salt Lake, blue chalk, led, push pins, mild Steel, 304 stainless Steel, Silver mirrored acrylic, Gold mirrored acrylic, Festool sticker, lenticular fabric, Lenticular “Back to the Future” replica hat, Crayola crayons, Legos, Peanut M&Ms, rainbow slinky, Coca-Cola can, Lenticular puppy photo, Rubik's Cube, Flamingo “I Love Florida” pin, chromakey green paint, plaster cast of my arm with salt crystals grown on it, plaster cast of my arm without salt crystals, plaster cast of my dad’s arm, salt crystal shard from The Great Salt Lake, miscellaneous, materials Concrete mixed with Basaltic ash and salt, copper vase made by my dad, DeLorean DMC-12 model, polaroid, heat-slumped glass, house paint, New Balance N574 sneakers (rainbow and yacht blue/green), fake Nike Bruins, silvertone amp, ipod (optional)
18 ft x 9 ft x 2 ft